The operation of a DACIA braking system

Your DACIA’s brakes are activated when you press the pedal, starting a series of events that finally bring your vehicle to a stop. The master brake cylinder supplies braking fluid to the pistons housed inside the brake calipers, which push the brake pads against the brake discs attached to the car’s tyres, creating friction that slows down and finally stops your automobile.

Various DACIA brake pad types

Making an informed decision while acquiring DACIA brake pads will be made easier for you if you are aware of the various pad kinds. Semi-metallic brake pads are regarded as the most cost-effective type of brake pads. They are heavy yet durable, and because they perform best in warm environments, they must “warm up” before being used in cooler climates. The preferred brake pad for environmentalists, organic brake pads are also quieter than conventional brake pads, although they have less stopping power and a shorter lifespan, necessitating more frequent replacement. For high-performance automobiles, ceramic brake pads are the ideal option, but be prepared to spend extra for their enhanced stopping ability.

Which brake pad type is best for you?

Metallic brake pads are your best choice if you’re driving a strong vehicle or if others say you drive dynamically. They deliver strong stopping power and efficient heat dissipation at the tradeoff of faster brake wear overall. Consider ceramic or organic brake pads if you’re a more cautious driver. Despite the fact that you’ll use more of them, they are more economical and ecologically beneficial.

Store for to buy brake

Why should I buy DACIA brake pads from Trodo?

  1. A large assortment of goods – more than 700,000 products can be found on our website!
  2. 100% warranty – when buying parts at the online store, you needn’t worry about quality. All of our DACIA products come with a manufacturer warranty, regardless of the price category you choose.
  3. Return of goods within 30 days – all of our spare parts or accessories which you purchase can be returned within 30 days, without the hassle of unnecessary questions.
  4. Expert advice – we have an expert in-house team. Get prompt, professional advice regarding any DACIA spare part via phone or by sending us an email.
  5. Component compatibility check – when ordering any part, we manually check its compatibility with your car according to the chassis number provided. This significantly reduces the possibility of an error occurring.

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