The Stress Test for our Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0 for 2022 has begun

Our new Porsche 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 was snowed on the first day it was put into long-term duty. Heavily. The sort skiers dream of six inches of snow layered above a crust of ice from a burst of freezing rain that had hit Michigan earlier in the day. Cayman, welcome to your new home!

Why would we put such a lovely automobile to such terrible weather? We admire Porsches because they are practical sports vehicles that can be used on a daily basis. To put that belief to the test, we’d have to live with one of our Stuttgart favorites for a long time—we know, harsh duty—and put it through a variety of driving circumstances. On a snowy day, a Cayman owner in Los Angeles might decide to drive up to Big Bear for some skiing, while a Michigander might want to go slip-sliding. We know that a previous C/D editor-in-chief purchased a new 911 a few years ago and used it as his everyday transportation throughout the winter.

So now it’s time to drive, a total of 40K miles. Every time we step behind the three-spoke steering wheel, we expect to be enthralled by the Cayman’s beautifully intuitive handling, quick, strong brakes, and feisty flat-six. What we can’t be sure of, but hope to learn, is if that unique driving personality is matched by a same level of dependability in every season and scenario. We’ll keep you updated on how the Cayman’s stress test is progressing every 10,000 miles or so.

Months in the Fleet: 1 Mileage as of now: 3845 miles
20 mpg is the average fuel economy.
Observed Fuel Range: 330 miles Fuel Tank Size: 16.9 gal
Repair: $0 Service: $0 Normal Wear: $0

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