The Mercedes-Benz EQE 2023 has a lot in common with its bigger brother

According to CEO Ola Källenius, Mercedes-Benz is fully committed to electrification. To demonstrate its commitment, the carmaker is releasing a flurry of entirely electric vehicles, the most recent of which is the new EQE. The EQE is proportioned similarly to the classic E-class and hence sits squarely in the brand’s lineup. Although the EQE has yet to go on sale in Europe and will not be available in the United States until later this year, we were able to get a firsthand look at Mercedes-newest Benz’s electric vehicle, albeit from the passenger seat.

The car, a Mercedes-Benz EQE 350 with the AMG design package, was completely unmasked. It has the same totally electric architecture as the bigger EQS sedan, codenamed EVA2, but it has a wider stance and a shorter wheelbase (122.9 inches against 126.4 inches), giving it superior proportions. The EQE, unlike the EQS, does not need to disguise its enormous size and height its entire length is 196.6 inches, over 10 inches less than the EQS. One disadvantage of the shorter body is that the aerodynamics are less slick.

The EQC shows its GLC roots all too clearly, and the EQA falls woefully short of the GLA’s dynamic capabilities. The brand’s early efforts at EVs (in Europe) were somewhat lacking: the EQC shows its GLC roots all too clearly, and we found the EQA to fall woefully short of the GLA’s dynamic capabilities. While we won’t be able to make a final judgment until we get behind the wheel, the EQE appears to be a persuasive and comprehensive electric vehicle. Mercedes-Benz has taken a big step ahead; now it’s time to see how it performs in the market. The price has yet to be revealed, but we anticipate it to be comparable to the BMW i4 and much below the Porsche Taycan.

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