The Ferrari 296GTB in 2022 adopts electric assist to devastating effect

Now though, it’s clear that the machines have triumphed, so bow down to our new robot rulers. However, with the introduction of power steering, technology has been viewed as a diluter and polluter of the engagement and interaction that characterizes sports vehicles. Stability control, yaw control, torque-biasing differentials, electronic power steering, brake-by-wire, active aerodynamics, and hybrid assistance have all been added to the list of high-tech aids in recent years. The Ferrari 296GTB has them all and more, while yet providing a driving experience that is as pure and unadulterated as its analog predecessor. And its concealed brilliance makes navigating this 819-hp part-electric supercar and gaining access to a large portion of its lofty abilities feel almost laughably easy.

The advent of Ferrari’s first road-going V-6 since the 246 GT Dino’s retirement in 1974 is the greatest news. Because the Dino never got to wear the Cavallino Rampante shield (at least not officially), this is the first Ferrari street vehicle with a V-6 engine. The new engine has a displacement of 3.0 liters and two turbochargers located within the V of its 120-degree apart cylinder banks. The engine’s 654-hp output, which Ferrari claims is the greatest per-liter statistic of any production car currently on the market, demonstrates the turbos’ ferocity.

Its 296GTB demonstrates that hybridization and advancements in ultra-high-performance equipment are not to be feared. At least, not when it’s done by Ferrari. It took a lot of work to make something so complicated seem so straightforward, a digital supercar that feels almost wholly analog. It’s a technological marvel as well as a thrilling ride, as any Ferrari should be.

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