The BMW M3’s Current Situation

The 2022 BMW M3 that joined us for a year-long, 40,000-mile test is one of our favorites. To be honest, we’ve liked every version of the sixth-generation M3 we’ve tried, including the Competition xDrive variant we drove at Lightning Lap earlier this year.

The difference in price between that M3 Competition xDrive and the regular M3 in our long-term fleet roughly approaches the cost of a new Honda Civic Si, demonstrating BMW’s legendary sports sedan’s extensive configurability.

The M3 today comes in a variety of horsepower, driven wheels, gearbox gears, and, if you consider the M4, door count. This prompts us to consider the M3’s position within its sector. After all, the original 1986 M3 was instrumental in establishing sports sedans in the United States.

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