The BMW i4 M50 is an electric M3 that will debut in 2022

To 60 mph, the new electric 4-series outruns an M3 Competition and costs less.

It was unavoidable. BMW has finally oriented its electric car development efforts in a manner that should appeal to both brand fans and Tesla Model 3 drivers on the fence. The Bavarians have developed the i4, an electric 4-series Gran Coupe. It’s as close to an electric 3-series as we’re going to get, which is probably for the best given that the term i3 was previously ascribed to an IKEA-furnished pod on slender wagon wheels. Still, alloy wagon wheels.

The pricing, which is something we don’t frequently discuss when talking about EVs, is maybe the best aspect of it all. While our fully optioned test sample cost $76,670 (before tax credits), it’s difficult to overlook how the i4 M50’s basic price of $66,895 is $7100 less than the M3 Competition. Although a base Tesla Model 3 Performance is $6455 less expensive than the M50, the $7500 tax credit is no longer available to Model 3 purchasers.

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