The Audi A8 and S8 will receive eleventh-hour updates in 2022

With a makeover of the fourth-generation model, internally dubbed D5, the Audi A8 and its S8 brother are nearing the end of their lives. Audi essentially went through the motions of a mid-cycle facelift with as little modifications as possible. The huge front grille is the major news, proving everyone wrong who (understandably) believed it was impossible to graft a greater front opening onto a premium sedan than Audi had accomplished pre-facelift.

The high nose of the Audi A8 is essentially a question of taste, since it was clearly meant to humble the inflated kidneys of BMW’s 7-series and the huge spindle on the Lexus LS. The taillights are now visibly broken up by a new segmentation of the LED modules, which is similar to the very small alterations in the front. The S line package is now standard on the A8, and it has a unique grille texture, four visible tailpipes, and aluminum-trimmed side mirrors.

We may soon be mourning the demise of the gasoline engine in the A8. The Audi Grandsphere concept, which debuted in 2021, foreshadowed the model’s successor: a completely electric luxury car. The A8, as we know it, will be discontinued. It was developed by Ferdinand Pich to compete with the best BMW and Mercedes-Benz products, and was once the sportiest luxury sedan in the world. That’s presumably why Audi has reduced the current model’s alterations to a bare minimum. The A8 has fallen behind the Mercedes-Benz S-class in important areas, and the incoming new BMW 7-series might eclipse it as well. Brand aficionados will get one final chance to buy a gasoline-powered luxury automobile.

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