Project 2023 Aston Martin DBX 707 aims to be the world’s fastest SUV

Even while it might be hilarious, the mix of a racetrack and an SUV always seems improbable. As it circles Silverstone’s 1.1-mile Stowe circuit for high-performance testing, the prototype version of the Aston Martin DBX 707 demonstrates both points. Before my ride, I had the opportunity to ride shotgun with CEO Tobias Moers, who demonstrated that the 707 is capable of destroying Stowe’s short straights with a wave of V-8 fury, as well as creating some spectacular angles of power oversteer.

Moers, on the other hand, is more interested in demonstrating the new DBX’s low-speed ride than in shredding tires, leaving the test track to tour Silverstone’s uneven access roads to demonstrate that the firmer suspension settings haven’t come at the sacrifice of compliance. New top mounts and strengthened geometry at the front, with slightly softer dampers at the rear to increase traction, are among the suspension adjustments. "The automobile can’t be too aggressive," he adds, demonstrating his point by navigating near potholes. "That would be disastrous." Moers can’t be accused of not being a hands-on leader.

Despite a starting price of $235,086 (almost $50,000 more than the normal DBX), Aston Martin expects the 707 to account for more than half of the DBX’s sales volume. However, while the standard DBX provides an impressively Aston-like driving experience, it isn’t near the top of its incredibly fast segment in terms of raw performance. The 707 is poised to correct that problem in a big way. Don’t be shocked if the production model proves to be the quickest SUV ever.

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