Ferrari Teases a Snippet of the Purosangue Super SUV

The first official teaser for Ferrari’s entry into the SUV market features sleek style that matches the leaked photographs.

Even the prospect of Ferrari building an SUV has sparked debate, and this first look at the impending Purosangue is sure to rekindle the debate. A few leaked photographs circulating on social media allege to show the next Ferrari SUV on the manufacturing floor from the front and back perspectives. They don’t present the most flattering depiction of the Purosangue’s dimensions, whether it’s because to the camera angle, poor image quality, or a mix of the two.

The Purosangue’s powerplant is most likely to be a turbocharged V-8 engine with help from an electric motor. Ferrari might, however, put a hybrid V-12 engine under the hood, or a V-6 hybrid powertrain in the basic model. When the Purosangue makes its formal appearance later this year, we should learn more. Production will commence in 2022, with customer deliveries beginning the following year, according to Ferrari.

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