At Porsche Experience Center the public may play Cosmic Chase In-Car VR Gaming

We had more fun than we expected riding in the rear seat of a Cayenne while blasting aliens.

The innovation was basically using software that takes up the motions of the car and predicts how it’s driving and altering it for [entertainment]-content reasons, explains Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of Munich-based firm Holoride. ;So that’s why you have such a low latency because it reacts so quickly to what happens in the automobile, in the central computer entity. Signals are received [from the automobile], and our software responds practically instantly, i.e. in real time."

What is Cosmic Chase, exactly? Consider it akin to some of the movie-themed attractions at amusement parks such as Universal Studios. It’s a straightforward game: You’re an Earth Alliance fighter pilot, and you’re on a mission to defend humanity from an extraterrestrial entity known as the Cymex. Instead of riding in a roller-coaster-style vehicle along a track as the action unfolds around you (like in Transformers: The Ride 3D), the driving Cayenne serves as the coaster car.

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